Main Menu

This menu may look a little different based on your account options, but the basics are the same

  1. Budget Details. This is where to go to change your budget name, minimum balance, or view some details.
  2. Edit Bills. Just another way to get to your bills and income.
  3. View Calendar. A cool alternate view of your budget.
  4. View Graph. Check out the visual representation of your expected budget.
  5. One Time Payments. Do you have an outstanding check that hasn’t hit your account yet?
  6. Link your Account. If you have the banking subscription (or higher) you can link your budget to your bank account.
  7. Subscriptions. They aren’t necessary, but they will make a difference.
  8. Signing In / Out. Well, it’s something we need to put somewhere in the app, right?
  9. About J-Spending. Right there at the bottom of the screen. Not just legal stuff, but a place to contact us or report a problem