Yes, J-Spending has a completely free, usable version.

However, there are costs we have to pay in order to :

  1. Host web services to share your account across devices
  2. Connect to your bank and get your account balance and transaction history for you
  3. Publish the application in the app stores

In short, a lot of hard work went into J-Spending and here’s how you can say “Thanks!”

There are 3 subscription levels.

The first one, Online Subscription, will allow you to create a login and share your budget with across devices. We will backup your budget in the cloud as well and keep everything safe!

The Banking Subscription will allow J-Spending to connect to your bank account. We only query for your current balance and recent transactions so we can display those to you inside the app.

Finally, the Premier Subscription will allow you to force update your account balance as well as “Smart Match” your transactions to your upcoming bills. Very fancy stuff here!

To Unsubscribe, you will need to go to your Apple or Google account and follow their directions.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to drop us a link at